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Our Good, His Glory

We often don't know what God is doing in our lives. Often times I feel like I know exactly what He is doing and then just like that He totally switches up everything. It takes me by complete surprise, but it doesn't surprise Him. Not one bit. Why? Well, because He planned it that way.… Continue reading Our Good, His Glory

New Lives

The Dangers of Idolizing Someone

I love blogging plain and simple, I love the outfits, the inspiration, and the encouragement I get from reading other people's blogs. But there can be something really dangerous about it as well. There are two different types of idolizing someone, the 2nd kind more dangerous than the first. Idolizing Believers can be harder to… Continue reading The Dangers of Idolizing Someone

Book of the Month

Book of the Month: “Women Living Well” Part II

Hello everyone! This is the second part of my book review of “Women Living Well” you can read the first part of it HERE. So let’s jump right into the second part. Thank you so much for reading. Your Parenting Now most of you probably know this but I am not a parent, but God willing Karl… Continue reading Book of the Month: “Women Living Well” Part II