How to Use Credit to Win at Life

Ahh the dreaded word, Credit. It can open a world of doors or close all of them before you even looked at them. It's that ambiguous term that rules the civilized world. It's one of those things that if you don't have it it's extremely hard to get and once you have it it's incredibly… Continue reading How to Use Credit to Win at Life

Book of the Month, New Lives

Are You Living a Successful Life?

"Most people seem to believe that success is limited to a certain group of people who bear distinct success qualities, or they believe that only a certain segment of society has any hope of achieving success--and that segment is not the segment of which they belong. Others firmly believe that success is something that can… Continue reading Are You Living a Successful Life?

Intentionality, My Life

Intentional with our Money

We were doing great, living our lives and not really thinking about our finances. We had kept track of how much we were spending each month, but we really didn't have any goals for where we wanted to be. Then a couple of months ago sometime terrible happened. For the sake of our privacy, I'll… Continue reading Intentional with our Money