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The Blessing Of Easter

When I was little Easter was one of my least favorite holidays. The idea of wearing a frilly white dress with itchy white tights and uncomfortable shoes made the entire day seem horrible. I'd always gone to church since I was little so that wasn't any different, but that outfit made everything so much worse.… Continue reading The Blessing Of Easter


Sincerely, A wife, mother, and follower of Christ

I haven't known this friend for a long time, but we have gotten to know each other quickly. I really appreciate her willingness to serve others and her genuine care for those around her. I hope you are as encouraged by her testimony as I am.  Redeemed by the King I grew up in Lincoln,… Continue reading Sincerely, A wife, mother, and follower of Christ

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Vacation Bible School Thoughts

My church recently finished up their summer VBS program just this past week. VBS is probably one of the most tiring ministries, but also maybe one of the most profitable. This year’s theme for VBS was “The Greatest Show on Heaven and Earth.” It was about creation and God’s attributes. This year I helped with… Continue reading Vacation Bible School Thoughts