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Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and Our Dependence on God

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 17 and I just remember being so relieved to finally have a diagnosis. For years I had suffered from feeling like essentially my intestines literally hating me. Whenever we went out to eat with friends I was always worried about what I would feel once I was… Continue reading Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and Our Dependence on God


Using Our Time Well

"Help us not to waste our time on useless viewing, which turns into useless living." This phrase has been on my mind recently. There are so many things that pull our minds in different directions this time of year. Over this past year, God has really been convicting me about what I spend my time… Continue reading Using Our Time Well


Humility vs. Humiliation

Being humble is not the same thing as being humiliated. Let me repeat… Being humble is not the same thing as being humiliated. Now before you all stare at me in confusion and nod slowly for lack of a better response to my redundancy, allow me to explain. Humility, or being humble, is rooted in… Continue reading Humility vs. Humiliation

New Lives

Committed to Obedience

Hello everyone! I hope your new year has been going well so far. This post today correlates with my word for the year, which is intentionality, you can read more about that here.  Obedience is something we're commanded to do in the scriptures. But as we delve more deeply into the word of God, we… Continue reading Committed to Obedience

Book of the Month

Book of the Month: “Habits of Grace”

My Monday night bible study that I lead has just finished up this book and it has been amazing! We have all really enjoyed this book and found it to be very moving. I would like to caution some points though; as with any book we must remind ourselves that we must read it critically… Continue reading Book of the Month: “Habits of Grace”

My Life

Without Him I Have Nothing

This phrase is something that I have been repeating to my self constantly for the past month. One sin that often rears its ugly head in my life is pride- stupid selfishness. My life has been so wrapped up in myself for so long that when Karl told me I needed to 'pour into others'… Continue reading Without Him I Have Nothing