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Are You Living a Successful Life?

"Most people seem to believe that success is limited to a certain group of people who bear distinct success qualities, or they believe that only a certain segment of society has any hope of achieving success--and that segment is not the segment of which they belong. Others firmly believe that success is something that can… Continue reading Are You Living a Successful Life?


Expectations in Marriage

As we live our lives as Christian women, I truly believe that expectations can be something that steals much of our joy. When I look back in my marriage it's easy to see when expectations have turned into disappointments. So many times Karl and I argued because my expectations for him didn't match his expectations… Continue reading Expectations in Marriage

How To:, New Lives

How to Have a Positive Outlook on Life when Everything is Terrible

Hello everyone! I hope your week has been going well so far. I would like to apologize for not posting over the past couple of weeks, some of you know why, but for those who don't here's a little update. My grandfather passed away two weeks ago unexpectedly; like we knew it was going to… Continue reading How to Have a Positive Outlook on Life when Everything is Terrible

New Lives

Is Regret a Biblical Emotion?

Regret can derail a person's life. When they get so wrapped up in some awful thing that they did, they stop moving forward. They are simply stuck in the past mulling over that one bad decision that they made. And it affects every aspect of their lives, it steals their joy, feeds their worries, and… Continue reading Is Regret a Biblical Emotion?


Word of the Year 2019: Serve

Serve or service we hear it everywhere and we are often commanded to do it. And it's usually easy to serve, but often it's our hearts that get in the way. It's easy to know that we should serve, but there's a much deeper aspect that I want to focus on this year. And that's… Continue reading Word of the Year 2019: Serve