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Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and Our Dependence on God

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 17 and I just remember being so relieved to finally have a diagnosis. For years I had suffered from feeling like essentially my intestines literally hating me. Whenever we went out to eat with friends I was always worried about what I would feel once I was… Continue reading Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and Our Dependence on God

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Intentional with our Money

We were doing great, living our lives and not really thinking about our finances. We had kept track of how much we were spending each month, but we really didn't have any goals for where we wanted to be. Then a couple of months ago sometime terrible happened. For the sake of our privacy, I'll… Continue reading Intentional with our Money

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Why My Redeemed Life?

I've always wondered about what's really been the motivating factor in starting this blog. My main goal has always been to bring glory to my heavenly father, but I've  wondered if there has been something else going along with that as well. It's easy for me as a homemaker who doesn't have any kids yet,… Continue reading Why My Redeemed Life?

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Without Him I Have Nothing

This phrase is something that I have been repeating to my self constantly for the past month. One sin that often rears its ugly head in my life is pride- stupid selfishness. My life has been so wrapped up in myself for so long that when Karl told me I needed to 'pour into others'… Continue reading Without Him I Have Nothing

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Vacation Bible School Thoughts

My church recently finished up their summer VBS program just this past week. VBS is probably one of the most tiring ministries, but also maybe one of the most profitable. This year’s theme for VBS was “The Greatest Show on Heaven and Earth.” It was about creation and God’s attributes. This year I helped with… Continue reading Vacation Bible School Thoughts