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Is a Chronological Bible for You? *Done & Everything Older*

I hope you all have been having a great fall so far. It’s been lovely here in Nebraska. It’s always amazing to see the colors of the trees and how everything seems to mellow. It’s never too late to start reading the Bible and it’s always beneficial no matter what you read. There is always something to be learned from the word of God, even in the book of Numbers. I pray that you find this encouraging and a push to read your Bible cover to cover.

In this year of intentionality, one of my main goals has been to read the Bible consistently every day this year. You can read about my word of the year here. One of my goals for the past couple of years has been to read the Bible, cover to cover, every year. So that when I turn 27 I can confidently say that I have read the entire Bible ten times. Reading the Bible every day can be incredibly beneficial, but we can fall into the trap of what James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

This probably will be a fairly short post today, but I wanted to talk about the benefits of reading through the Bible in chronological order. First, though I would like to say that putting the Bible in a timeline order is not God-given. For example, we really have no idea when Job was written, but we can make an educated guess that it was very early on in the Old Testament. So just keep that in mind as you read through your chronological Bible.


Personally reading the Bible in this way has really helped to put things into perspective especially in the Old Testament. There are so many stories and genealogies in the Old Testament that it’s easy to become lost in the scope of it all. So I recommend finding a “Read through the Bible in a year” list that has the chapters ordered chronologically. I found mine off Pinterest and so far I have loved it. I also have a Bible that has been ordered chronologically and I like that a lot too.

Essentially I just want to encourage you to get into the Bible more and read all of it. There’s a tremendous benefit to reading and understanding the word of God. So if you think the chronological Bible would help you to read the Bible then I encourage you to find a plan that meets your needs and schedule. All in all, I desire that we together can live intentionally in God’s word this year!

I would love to hear in the comments about how you have found encouragement or conviction from those “not-so-common” passages of scripture.

Redeemed by the King

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