God’s Majesty Through the Sun

I wasn’t planning on writing anything about the solar eclipse today because so many people are talking about it, but after seeing the total solar eclipse I thought I just have to share my feelings.

Since my husband and I live in Nebraska we were incredibly blessed to see the full solar eclipse for about 2 minutes. We made a plan to have a picnic at one of our local parks, but unfortunately, Karl had to go back to work about 10 minutes before the total eclipse happened. So I decided to stay at the park by myself and watch as the moon fully covered the sun only leaving the corona surrounding it. As the moon fully covered the sun the image I saw was awe-inspiring.

My first thought when I saw the eclipse was praise. Praise to my savior and to my all-powerful God. I could feel His power through the eclipse and the works of His hands were evident. I honestly started to cry. It was so powerful and so miraculous. Our God the creator of the world is right here with us. He is showing the evidence of himself everywhere we turn. He skillfully moves the sun and the moon into position while caring for the cicada who was starting to sing as the sun got dimmer. Nature all around me was proclaiming His power.

God showed us His beauty today and I would like to take a moment to thank Him. Thank Him and praise Him for all the beauty that He has put into your life. I think about my life personally and all the things that He has done; how He saved me from the darkest pit of my sin to the every day little inconveniences that He has saved me from. So through this amazing phenomenon take a little time today to thank Him for the things He has done in your life.

Redeemed By the King

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picture cred: Robert B. Slobins

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